ELGL is pleased to announce original content related to local government topics, including the following regular columns:

  • 10 Questions (an introduction to Advisory Board members)

  • 50 IN 14 (ELGL is launching a new initiative, “The 50 (States) in (FY) 14 Project” for the new fiscal year. We are committed to touching all 50 states next year by profiling at least one person from the government arena in each state.)

  • The Assistant (featuring interviews with assistant city managers and assistants to city managers)

  • Book Smart (featuring book recommendations from local government leaders)

  • Elected (opinions of key elected officials on the current state of play in government)

  • Executive Search (an inside look into the world of executive recruitments)

  • The Fourth Estate (featuring perspectives from the media on local government topics)

  • Josh’s Job Search (related to the post-college public sector job hunt) by Josh Gregor

  • Knope of the Week (honoring someone who has furthered local government professionalism each week)

  • Lightning Round (a get-to-know-you column featuring a new local government colleague each week)

  • The Monthly Development (related to economic development) by Pat Mobley

  • MPA From My Apt. (chronicling Josh Halladay’s quest to attain his MPA degree from the University of Southern California online MPA program)

  • New Sensation (an introduction to new members)

  • Off the Stump (introduction to the members of the Oregon Legislature)

  • On Campus (ELGL will highlight graduate programs focusing on public administration or public policy)

  • On the Public Record (Interviews with influential local government leaders)

  • Passion for Public Service (related to a journey to public service graduate school) by Raphael Baptista

  • The Takeaway (honoring the careers of retired local government professionals)

  • The Transition (featuring the perspectives of people in new local government jobs)

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