Annual Conference

Countdown to the Conference: The Inaugural 1st Annual ELGL Conference

08-05-13: Conference Sponsors and Low Quality Pencils 


What should I wear to the conference? Will conference attendees get the chance to stock up on low-quality pencils and sticky pads plastered with corporate logos? We’ll address these questions and more in this running post leading up to the conference.

Today, we would like to thank our conference sponsors, and rest assured, they will not bombard you with random office trinkets.

  • Brunch sponsor:  Cosgrave Vergeer Kester
  • Title sponsor:  Key Bank
  • Title sponsor:  DA Davidson
  • Presenting sponsor:  Alliance Resource Consulting
  • Presenting sponsor:  CFM
  • Presenting sponsor:  Metro
  • Presenting sponsor:  Mac’s List
  • Presenting sponsor:  Waldron HR
  • Social hour sponsor:  Johnson Controls

08-05-13: Conference Registration

Follow our Twitter feeds (ELGL and Midwest ELGL) and “like: our Facebook page to be the first to know about conference registration.

Registration will begin this week and last until 100 people have registered. i Advisory board members, blog contributors, and event organizations will be given first opportunity to register. We will post registration information for general ELGL membership on our Twitter feeds. A waiting list will be in place for those outside the first 100.

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